Custom Mystery Painting


Custom Mystery Painting

from 150.00

This is a listing for a custom mystery painting, it will be watercolor on 140lb cold pressed arches watercolor paper, signed and shipped in a hard sided envelope.

Small is 9x11 inches

Med is 12x16 inches

Large is 18x24 inches

When you purchase you will be prompted to fill out a tiny questionaire (nothing overwhelming) that will determine the direction of your painting! Some sample questions:

What is a recurring dream you have had? Give me details- it doesn't have to be cool or interesting.

If you could wake up and be any animal, creature or being made up or real what would it be? Why?

* These questions will vary, and are not something to stress over- they just help me to cater the painting to you and make it something that is completely yours. They should not be taken too seriously, it should be fun!!

** I make these paintings myself by hand and they are each different and take time, each painting will be ready to ship in 6-8 weeks of the questionnaire being filled out. Please feel free to email me with questions.

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